The Iso Omena shopping centre is located in the rapidly developing Matinkylä district in Espoo. Iso Omena has excellent public transportation connections and the shopping centre has about 3,000 parking spaces. Iso Omena’s location will become even more central when the Länsimetro metro extension comes into operation. The terminal station of the first phase of Länsimetro will be located directly under Iso Omena.

Iso Omena offers full service grocery stores, the versatile M.E.E.T. Restaurant world and a wide range of fashion and home furnishings specialty stores. Customers are provided with comprehensive services including Health and Beauty Services, and a fitness center. Iso Omena is also the home for the City of Espoo's Service Center, that offers public services such as a library and a health care center.

Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo

Primary leasing contact:

Mia Halttunen Web

Mia Halttunen

Senior Leasing Manager

tel. +358207664471

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